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Masloboev Andrey Vladimirovich, doctor of technical sciences, associate professor, leading researcher, Institute of Informatics and mathematical modelling of technological processes of the Kola Science Centre RAS (184209, 24А Fersmana street, Apatite, Murmansk region, Russia), Email: 

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Background. The objective of our research work is security control system efficiency enhancementof regional socio-economic systems under uncertainty conditions and decentralized decision-making.
Materials and methods. As a subject of inquiry we analyze distributed situational center multi-level system of the region, which is oriented to regional security support, and software tools for management information and analytical support used by that system. For functionality and features expansion of decision support systems applied in the situational centers of the region a mathematical apparatus and automation tools for regional security networkcentric control have been developed. The objective contradictions between increasing needs in efficiency enhancement of regional security control and applying in practice software tools for decision-making information and analytical support in this field of management have been established. The regional security network-centric control general problem statement mathematical formalization, defining concretely content of this research field by concrete formalisms and which is based on combination use of conceptual modeling technology and organizational system control theory formal apparatus, has been proposed. A decision-making support technology for regional security network-centric control, differing by the structure and implementation technique of prediction and coordination formal procedures of regional security indicators
within the decision-making unit of the regional sustainable development control system, has been designed.
Results and conclusions. A formal conceptual model of the regional security network-centric control multi-level system functioning has been represented. 

Key words

formalization, network-centric control, regional security, information technology, decision-making support, model 

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